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Choosing the Good Wireless Keyboard - Trial of Logitech K360

I've bought the Logitech K360 wireless keyboard in addition to K800 just to try, which one I will like more (K800 was the obvious first choice, because of standard full size layout, palmrest, backlit keys and unifying nano-receiver support).

I wanted to also try K360, because it has compact layout that I like coming from laptops (dispenses with right-side key duplication), and also it looked much like my laptop chiclet keyboard (that I liked).

However, on actually trying the K360 out I've found it to be worse in feel:

  • it has chiclet "style", however the keys are just too small and space between them too big, enough to make typing uncomfortable. Your fingers start to feel more space between keys than the key caps, which is pointless. Island keys on my laptop about 15-20% larger, and gaps between them are smaller - which makes sense, as it should be only enough space to feel where keys are located 
  • the key travel is VERY big, this is not a low profile keyboard like on my laptop 
  • the force needed to press the keys is insane! K800 is already not the softest one, but K360 is even harder. Which made my fingers feel it after I've typed just several sentences. Not sure how it will be on the long run, maybe you will get used to it, maybe it will tire you even more. Also looks like smallish keys make situation worse. 

On photos K360 looks like laptop scissor-switch low profile chiclet, however its actually not. In reality K360 is a high-force high-travel keyboard with smallish island keys and non-ergonomic typing feel.

Looks like I will be returning back to K800, which is bigger, but has a backlight and much more comfortable typing feel. I think that K800 feels better mainly due to "PerfectStroke" key system that is not present on cheaper K360.

Which is a shame, because otherwise K360 works very well - unifying nano-receiver support, good battery life (I would assume 3 years is not too far a stretch), very compact size and a dedicated CAPS LOCK indicator lamp.


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