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Water Cooling? Not Needed!

So I was looking how quiet can I make my recent PC build. CPU was easy with good tower cooler (Noctua NH-U14S). Then I wondered if there any way to make EVGA GeForce 1080 TI SC2 any quieter - it has a decent cooling solution, but still the loudest component on full load.
I was told that "to make such powerful GPU quiet, you have to water cool". Surely, water cooling either by custom loop or by AIO can be done.
But then I wondered - if 2x120mm radiator seems to be enough to run 1080 ti quiet & cool, why such radiator can't be mounted on card directly, akin to CPU cooler? There seem to be enough space. And voila - apparently there is such a thing - aftermarket GPU air cooler. Specifically "Morpheus II" by Raijintek. Cost - about the same as 240mm radiator, but without associated costs (and noise) of extra plumbing & pumping.
Heat sink have arrived and I've mounted 2x120mm SilentWings 3 fans from beQuiet on it. These fans I consider the best performance/noise 120mm fan. At least until Noctua releases their new 120mm "Sterrox" model.
The thing looks really intimidating, with 12 (!) heatpipes. I guess rated 360W of TDP is not a lie!