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I've bought the Logitech K360 wireless keyboard in addition to K800 just to try, which one I will like more (K800 was the obvious first choice, because of standard full size layout, palmrest, backlit keys and unifying nano-receiver support).

I wanted to also try K360, because it has compact layout that I like coming from laptops (dispenses with right-side key duplication), and also it looked much like my laptop chiclet keyboard (that I liked).

However, on actually trying the K360 out I've found it to be worse in feel:

Google Chrome 15 for High DPI display

* Update - in version 17 Google finally have added ability to set zoom factors like 125% and 150%. This makes Chrome perfectly suitable for High DPI browsing out of the box. This article is kept for historical reasons only. *
* Update 2 - some people getting blurry Chrome 17 out of the box on High DPI displays. To solve this, open Task Manager, right click on Chrome.exe process, Properties, Compatibility, tick "Disable Display Scaling on High DPI", restart Chrome *

Previously I have posted an article about common problems with and choosing the best web browser for High DPI displays.
Since then, Google addressed situation somewhat - they've introduced some experimental default zoom setting support to Chrome. However, I still prefer some alterations kept from my previous patches, so I am still making customized versions.

Is Thinkpad W701 MXM? Kind of. Upgradeable? Nope :(

When I've chosen Thinkpad W701 as a laptop, one of the potential pluses I've considered is the usage of MXM 3.0 Type B slot for video card. Because MXM is a standard like PCIe, it would have potentially enabled upgrading to more powerful third-party graphics card. The Quadro 2800M is still quite respectable, but recent-gen like AMD 6970M already does better.

Of course I did realise this was a potential, not guarantee, but it still worth to try. In my previous blog post I've described details of mechanical tinkering, you can read it here - Thinkpad W701–anatomy of MXM video module

Since I've established that mechanically and electrically almost any MXM card would be accepted, all that remained is to try the actual card(s) - I was prepared to try several different ones starting from most powerful in case it would not work.

“Clongs”– the Innovative Kitchen Tongs

These are clever – due to simple bend in arms you can now safely place them on any kitchen surface without making said surfaces messy! Not to mention the overall design, materials and workmanship apparently pretty good too. I’d say Red Dot design award is very well deserved.