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Choosing an excellent Headset/Headphones

Now that I finally have standard 3.5 mm TRS jack on my new and shiny Motorola Milestone, I can finally upgrade to high quality headset without resorting to additional cables/cumbersome adapters.

I go with in-ear headphones. Supra aural ones are not really that accurate and hard to wear in all settings (i.e. on the street). Ear buds are generally bad, because they don’t isolate at all.

Currently I am comparing two headsets:

Doing extensive listening tests on both. Up to now, wavy opinion – Ultimate Ears have more perceivable bass, but sound more “mushy”. While Etymotics are crystal clear, you can hear so much detail of music its overwhelming, but they may seem to sound a bit “dry” and bass-less because of high accuracy.

Guess will play with both for a while to see if opinion stabilizes ;)


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