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Preparing for the Rainy Season

Water Repellent on WindscreenJust have finished treatment of all glass surfaces on my car with water-repellent finish. It really works and I find it quite useful.

The idea is to cover car windscreen/windows with invisible oily Teflon-like layer – to which water will not adhere, so it will just roll off. It greatly reduces the need to use wipers – usually water droplets just roll off due to vibration of the car. And when you go at motorway speed – no need for wipers at all – water just literally flies away blown by the wind!

It just that application procedure is kind of tedious:

  1. wash the glass with glass washer to make sure it clean
  2. wipe it dry, not allowing water drying spots
  3. smear it with water repellent
  4. let it dry – it will make windows foggy and greasy
  5. polish with paper towels to shininess

Good thing there are next-gen repellents already that supposed to last up to a year (!) from single application. Pity I still have to finish the bottle of previous generation repellent that needs re-applying every 2 months or so ;)


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